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We are 22 young  journalists from Afghanistan and Pakistan. We got an opportunity to meet each other in Bara Gali (KPK) and Islamabad from 15-23rd June, 2012. We worked together and produced 10 journalistic pieces. We will post our joint efforts on these pages soon.

This blog is a collective effort of  all of us to stay connected and to understand our neighbour better. You  can get to know us better by reading about us below! Together we will bridge all the gaps and mend all the fences that keep us away from each other.

From Afghanistan    

This is Ahmad Yama Shirzad and I work for BBC in Afghanistan. I have been working for  with media  for the last ten years.  I studied journalism with the BBC. My last report was about women-oriented radio stations in the Kunduz area.


Hi, my name is Farkhunda Rajabe and nowadays I am working as a reporter for radio Bayan in Balkh. Before this I also worked for Deutsche Welle and Partaw cultural magazine. My work mainly consists of daily news and issues about human rights, women’s rights and cultural topics. I love to read books, meet new people from all countries, religions and cultures. I also love photography.

My name is Malik Faisal Moonzajer and I am very much engaged in human rights. This is the reason why I am member of several organizations in the field of civil society, such as Afghan Journalists Committee (AJC), International Media Support (I-M-S), help the afghan children (HTAC), Journalism in Crisis Coalition (JICC). My partners and I are involved in supervising more than 20 organizations in Jawzan-Sar e Pul. Additionally I have working experience in Afghan radio and TV.

Hello, I am Nasir Ahmad Waqif and I am a reporter for Al ‘Jazeera TV in the northern zone of Afghanistan. I also write articles for Khidmat News Paper. It has been three years since I started working in the field of journalism. Most of the time, I write about politics and social issues. When I am off the job, I love playing football and volleyball. I am very good at it too!

Hi! My name is Sabawoon Storai and I am from Khost, which lies in the eastern part of Afghanistan, close to the border of Pakistan. I am currently working as a reporter for Chinar Radio station. All in all, I have been working in journalism field for more than 5 years. Additionally I am a student of journalism.

I am Shaker Shokran and I am from Balkh in Afghanistan. Nowadays I work for Arzoo Radio and TV. Before this I also worked for Nehad Radio. I am a journalism graduate and I am very proud to represent the only international radio station in northern Afghanistan. My work covers most social and cultural topics as well as daily news.

My name is Mokhtar Wafayee and I amd the Director of Howgada News in Balkh, Afghanistan. Beside this, I work as a reporter for AsteNow daily paper. Today it has been 5 years since I am working in Afghan media. My fields of interests are journalism, poem and history.  For the future I am planning to work for Pakistani media and maybe go to a Pakistani University.

My name is Bismillah Arman and I am a journalist based in Afghanistan.

My name is Rafiullah and I work for Afghan National Television and Radio in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

From Pakistan

I am Bari Baloch from Quetta. I am a staff reporter at The Nation. Before I started working for them, I worked for local English publications. My articles often deal with topics like human rights violation, terrorism and crime. I am very happy about a recent feature on Gwadar by me.


Hi, this is Ayesha Hasan and I live with my husband in Lahore.  I am a sub-editor at The Express Tribune and also a freelancer for Deutsche Welle. Though, I am more interested in gender, human rights and social issues, I have lately developed interest in politics. I am fluent in four languages including Pashto, my mother tongue. My favourite site in the world, so far, is the Eiffel Tower. Its beauty left me awestruck for hours the first time I saw it. I am a good listener and open minded.

Hi, this is Beenish Javed. I am a foreign affairs correspondent  at ARY News. Before I moved  to Islamabad I had lived in different areas of Pakistan and for one year in America. My fields of interest are international relations, politics and women issues. During my spare time I love outdoor sports, such as camping and hiking. What I also really love is travelling and trying out the food of different countries. If you want to find out more about me, watch my youtube channel: beenishary.

Hello everyone! My name is Delawar Jan and I am a staff reporter at The News, Peshawar. I have worked for more than 10 years in conflict and politics reporting. I am interested in social issues, politics and security issues. Just one thing, never make me dance, you will regret it, I am terrible at it!

I am Sundus Rasheed and I work as a Programming Manager for CityFM89 in Karachi. I am responsible for all the content that goes on air which includes the music and show content.  I lived  in Malaysia for several before moving back to Karachi. I love travelling and discovering new music and cultures. My favorite cities in the world are New Orleans, Cairo and Kathmandu. I share my experiences on my  food and travel blog – YummyMummyAndMe Follow me on Twitter – @SundusRasheed

I am Haris Bin Aziz and I have been working as a senior copy Editor for CNBC Pakistan in Karachi. In this field I have a  work experience of 5-6 years. During my spare time I am deeply interested in Urdu Literature and poetry. In February 2012 I published an article in a Thai-newspaper.

This is Malik Achakzai and I am a freelancer.  At the moment I work for the Pashto-version of Voice of America and as a Service-Writer at policymic.com. I am especially interested in Humanity and religion and my stories often deal with burning issues like terrorism, militancy, politics and social problems.

Hi! I am Mehreen Zahra Malik and I work as Assistant Editor for The News in Islamabad. I am interested in fields like Pak-US relations, domestic politics, editorial writing and desk management.

I am Shah Zaman Khan from Geo News in Peshawar. I worked as sub-editor and assignment editor in various magazines, newspapers and news channels. My fields of interest are militancy, politics, sports, culture, education and health. Recently published articles on mine were on the subject of FATA girls; education in dark and the situation of FATA IDPs.

Hello, my name is Taha Shakeel Siddiqui.. I  live in Islamabad and I work as a features writer for Express Tribune. Before this, I experienced working in different fields of journalism for more than 6 years, such as TV, radio and print. I am very also engaged in human rights issues, especially minorities and women’s rights. When I am not at work I love to travel to new places.

I am Malik Safdar Dawar – President of the Tribal Union of Journalists. Follow me on Twitter – @DawarSafdar – for the latest on what is happening in FATA and adjoining regions.

Hi! This is Muhammad Arsalan and I work at GEO News Television in Karachi.


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